Poem: Public Art Needs a Redefinition


There are no stars on West Main Street
Just street lamps burning bright
No shining diamond nightly treat
On velvet drape of night
Sounds are quieted in this park
As brush and hand are afire
Under cover of the dark
My frustrations now inspire
No watchful eye, no fiery word
Distract me from my task
Not a voice in my ears heard
No need to wear my mask
Only me and night and paint
And bridge behind my back
Strokes of brush have no complaint
No talkback and no slack
Just the stars hidden in sky
And me in shadow below
As passing cars go by
I paint that which I know
As my deed is done tonight
I dream of morning’s sunrise
To see faces at the sight
Of this big surprise
A wall of beige it is no more
A picture now remains
Big and bold, you can’t ignore
A sight not so inane
But not just yet is it complete
There is still more to do
Another evening beneath the street
And this dream will soon come true

©2015 James Takeo

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