Poem: Guerilla Park at Midnight


I fear that I shall never write
Words of rhyme that shall ignite
Within you flame that burns bright
In the quiet of lonesome night
I will sit in silent park
Late at night, full of dark
When my heart grows empty and stark
Deep within, ignites a spark
How much do I wish to be
Wrapped in all of this beauty
In this place, all that I see
A time and place where I am free
How much I wish that I could share
This quiet place without a care
Far from bright streetlights glare
In the quiet warm night’s air
Far from here, you dream and sleep
Restless me, I sit here and keep
Memories of times run deep
To think of them, my heart would leap
Alone I sit on shadowy seat
In the dark, where I am discreet
But deep within, this feeling sweet
And wait again for us to meet

©2015 James Takeo

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