Poem: It’s Only a Hashtag


What are the best intentions
Pave the road to hell
All our dreams and plans
Are not turning out so well
Just when all was shining
And things were going good
Dark clouds began to gather
Over our neighborhood
Suddenly, these words of hope
They seem empty and full of shit
Take a noble sentiment
And sell your wares with it
I see it over doorways
And now it seems a jest
Repeating it like parrots
When it suits you best
It used to be good attitude
But now its just a catchy line
Becoming just a hashtag
And it means less in my mind
It used to be about some hope
And good vibes all around
Now it’s a competition
Fighting over common ground
Let me say this bluntly
And I hope I’m understood
Do you mean it when you say
“It’s all Welland good”?

©2015 James Takeo

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