Poem: Exiled on West Main Street


Exiled on West Main Street
In a place I call my own
Full of thoughts and images
In my head, I’m all alone
Someone’s shouting at their dog
As the truck rumbles on by
Shaking my front windows
As I remain inside
Doves above my doorstep
And flowers in some bricks
I do not venture further
Than where I do now sit
In here, I feel stronger
In a world that’s all mine, all day
Sunshine may peer into it
Nighttime washes it away
All the countless hours
Painting pictures, writing words
Ignoring all advances
Listening to all I’ve heard
All confuses in me
What I used to be
Just wanted to paint pictures
Just wanted to be free
Now it’s all turned to banter
And items up for debate
Makes me want to withdraw further
And return to solitary state
So I retreat into my fortress
And close up all the gates
Protect myself from others
And all their underlying hate
I wait for next appointment
Next meeting that comes here
Briefly open my world
To the few that I allow near
Exiled on West Main Street
Where I choose to be
Do what I am doing
Try my best to be just me

©2015 James Takeo

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