Poem: It’s Always When


It’s always when
The time is right
The mood is set
In the proper light
It’s always when
You least expect
You’re about to win
The route, direct
It’s always when
The chips are down
The ivory tower
The broken crown
It’s always when
Ready or not
No time to think
Everything forgot
It’s always when
The worst of times
The best of friends
The heinous crimes
It’s always when
You’re about to get more
You’ve taken the gamble
You’re faith restored
It’s always when
You’re down and out
You’re hopes are high
You’re dreams in doubt
It’s always when
The ship comes in
The excuses are over
The waiting ends
It’s always when
Sitting on my thumbs
I’ll hope for the best
That will never come

©2014 James Takeo

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