Poem: Smile and Wave While the World Keeps Burning

My heart is heavy
Yet, I maintain
Because there’s not much choice
I’m discouraged from reacting
From feeling
From letting it get the better of me
Bottle it up
Forget it’s there
And don’t worry about it

Every day
More distant
Everyone grows
Busied with complacency
In blissful denial
What they call happiness
Still eludes me
But then I’ll only be accused
Of whining

I’m told
To be patient
To keep up the good work
That it’ll all come together
When I don’t even know
What I’m waiting for
What I’m working for
Why I bother
It will all be over

Behind the innocent-looking facade
Of this private art studio
The inspiration
The passion
The anarchic renaissance
Is dying
Drowning under dreams
Buried under bills
Weathered down by worry
At least I look like
I’m getting somewhere
I’m doing something
I am somebody

Art and poetry
Are poor career choices
You can’t pawn poems
And paintings aren’t currency
Chicks may dig artists
But only temporarily
Until the fascination ends 

©2014 James Takeo

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