Poem: Shopping Mall Santa

He comes with a jingle
Big, fat, and red
With his loud laughter
He turns people’s heads
It’s Jolly St. Nick!
With a belly full of glee!
Urging you onward
Towards mad shopping spree!
From far down the halls
Does the man seem like magic
But upon closer inspection
His state may be tragic
The beard that he wears
Shaggy and old
Loose and ill-fitting
And looking like mold
Those once jolly eyes
I see are red-rimmed
Nose with gin blossoms
And nostrils untrimmed
The faint smell of rye
Erupts with “Ho, ho, ho!”
Calling us hither
While I wish to go
The suit is not shiny
But crumpled and worn
A button undone
A suit seam is torn
And though most don’t notice
This farce in disguise
I have seen the truth
That lies behind St. Nick’s eyes
Shopping mall Santa
Jingles all the way
And soon he’ll be gone
Right after Boxing Day!

 ©2008 James Takeo

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