Poem: Arts Advocacy Doesn’t Pay Rent


What is wrong with you?
Why are your eyes funny?
You look different
Act different
Are different
You’re not like us
Don’t forget that

Why do you dress like that?
What’s with those boots?
You’re music is weird
So are your clothes
And the stuff you do
But you draw cool stuff
So at least you can do something
For us

Why do you do stuff like that?
Hanging out with those weird people
On West Main Street
We think you’re on drugs
Or that you’re not good
But you do art
So if you shit out a rainbow for free
I’ll help get you noticed
Then maybe you’ll be
Good enough for us

You’re amazing and awesome
That stuff you do in the community
And the newspapers
With all that art
You’re making people proud
To have been able to say
“I remember when
I looked down on him.”

©2014 James Takeo

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