Poem: None Shall Love You As Much As Me


There will never ever be
A man who’d love you just like me
No intense desire shall you feel
No burning passion that is so real
I long and yearn for you to touch
This sense I need and want too much
Closeness and comfort do I submit
And hands that touch each part and bit
Upon your neck I’d place my lips
And with my hands upon your hips
Draw you near into my arms
And devour you whole, but do no harm
To adore you from above and below
To stare into those eyes I know
To feel the spark again ignite
With each time you fall in sight
And once more to touch you again
And kiss you long, just like when
We would in parks in still of night
Beneath dim glow of city lights
Like once again, away from all
In beds of dreams where we would fall
Madly into each other’s arms
Away from fears and doubt and harm
Where time stood still, eyes did not see
The passionate embrace of our intimacy
That we would share in each others gaze
For all the nights and all the days
Oh! To once again feel you near
How much I long to have you here
With me again, in my arms and heart
To not let go, and never part
No-one shall ever love you like me
I shall again, this is to be

©2014 James Takeo

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