Poem: It Doesn’t Hurt…Much

I pretend not to notice
The slurs and hatred
That come rolling off tongues
Into words
Sharp as knives
And fast as arrows

I’m given
The advice to ignore
Don’t let it get to me
It comes with the territory
More people love me
Than hate me
But I don’t see then here now

The facade
Thinly veiled
Always present
That I’m in control
That I’m happy
That I’m strong
That it doesn’t hurt
I try to raise the shields
But the damage is already done

My armour
Does not shine
Pitted and dented
Battered and worn
Slings and arrows
Took their toll
Now, I’m just tired

Maybe it looks
Like victory to you
Praise and victory
It’s empty hope
It’s quiet escape
It’s tired tears
Just me
And the doubt

©2014 James Takeo

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