Poem: All Are Mine, Every Night

I await each summer day
For dusk to settle
For day to be done
For night to come

Your ghostly dimlit streets
Hidden corridors and pathways
I roam in endless summer
Like one thousand teenage menories
My own out west experience
Magical, every evening
On your beckoning streets, I roam
Your dewdrop grassy greens
Your quiet empty soulful architecture
Your massive grayed towers, looming
Your empty benches in whispering dusk
Your band of water runs silkily
Your moonlit skies that hover
Your desolate gathering strangers, shuffling
Your desperate hearts suffering, now silent
Your ringing laughter’s, echoing
Your distant vrooms and squeals, ringing
Your quiet earth turned and turning
Your sidewalk stains, fading
Your graffiti, hiding
Your secrets, waning
Your crickets, chirping
Your voices, whispering
Your stillness, deafening
All are mine
Every night

©2014 James Takeo

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