Poem: Flavour of the Month


Photo by Craig HotRod

We sit, autonomous
Separate as ever
First it was our situation
Now it is our choice
Either way
I stick to three golden rules
Soon to be followed
By three commandments

Leave the work to us
The effort has always been there
No-one likes to be voluntold
Titles for canoe paintings
Left to the discretion of the artists
Hope they are ready for the reply
So long as it doesn’t end up like a mural
I prefer the ones I find
Under bridges anyhow

Never have the efforts
Of so few
Tattooed and black-shirted artists
Meant so much to so many
My opinions
Perhaps printed
Will further my narcissism
Thanks to my friends at newspapers
And to the disdain of psychotic haters
At least I back up what I say
With hard work
While others keep talking
Empty promises
Unbridled blind enthusiasm
We build it
From the ground up
Not the top down
That way
The ceiling is unlimited

Is not just the removal
Of an offending image
It is limiting
To create
For ourselves

I helped plant the garden
I cleared out the dirt
I dug out the weeds
I watered the seeds
Now, as things bloom
Others throw on the fertilizer
And claim they made it grow

Keep calm
And paint shit
It is the only way to go

©2014 James Takeo

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