Poem: Anniversary


I could never imagine
What once upon a time
So scared, nervous
On the verge of a new dream
New hope
In ourselves

Some stay
Some have gone
What was once what we were
On the fringe
Violent and risqué
Now stands nearly alone
Above and beyond
Our imagination

What great hopes once we found
Now greater hope spreads
Like fire
Amongst them all
No longer
Are we the outsiders
We are the accepted
The bravest
The boldest
The few
For so many

I just wanted to paint pictures
Of my home
Of our past
To our future
That is now

Who are we?
Where do we go from here?
What have I done?

This may all end tomorrow
It mattered
It made a difference
It opened eyes
It opened hearts
It opened minds
It opened me up

The bridge down the street
It still stands
But is new in its gray coat
Just like before
It is still there
As it will ever be

I look upon
The handmade card
The bright colours
Remind me
That the seed I had planted
Has grown

I weep
Not at what is gone
But at what had been done
Not of despair
But out of joy
It was the right thing to do

When this is over
I now know
It made a difference
I made a difference

All the years of youth
To be made a stranger
A weirdo
A freak
I would not change
I did not change
Only for the better
To be me

I want you to be free too

This world is beautiful
Because I helped make it so

©2014 James Takeo

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