Poem: All Our Hopes and Dreams


It has come to this
The moment we’ve all waited for
At the edge
Of it all coming true

Does this time
That soon comes
I wait with bated breath
So closely is it approaching
I can taste it
I can sense it

What awaits us
In these few days time?
Our greatest fears?
Our wildest dreams?
Or will it come
Like a new day
Appearing the same
But unlike any others
Unknowingly return
To find it has become more?

Upon this I pin
All hope
All faith
All that I have sought
My blood, sweat, and tears
Truly spent
In pain
In doubt
In worry
Now they are banished

Once they had laughed
Once they had secretly dismissed us
The laughter rings
From our hearts

There will less rust
There will be less gray
Replaced by colors
Dispelled by hope
Dismissed by dreams
Disappearing from light
Fear and darkness

I will dance in the streets
It is worth having
We can

Lux in tenebris
Are we soon
Are we now
The future that we were to become
Is sooner
Than you think

©2014 James Takeo

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