BLX: The Hard Way Events Calendar

We’ve finalized some details for the Events Calendar for The Hard Way:


Regular Events:
FOAD=Family Open Art Day every Monday to Thursday, 1-4pm

Open to all ages, parents and kids are encouraged to come out and explore their creative side. Bring your own art supplies, or use the art supplies and materials on-hand that have been made available by generous donations from the public. There are no instructors or formal art classes, but local artists are on hand to help give you advice and/or insight. We ask that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult.

For more info, email

Open Art Nights: Every Tuesday night at 8pm

Moving from its usual location, Open Art Nights are open to adults. Bring your art supplies, materials, and equipment, and get together with others in a social and relaxed atmosphere. A great way to get inspired and make new friends!

For more info, email

Knit n’ Stitch: Every Wednesday night at 7pm

Do you like to knit or embroider? Wednesday nights are the night to get together with others and share your common interest in a relaxed social setting. Every Wednesday evening, get together with others and gets your hands busy with these weekly projects: -July 23: Biological Cross-Stitch: bacteria, viruses, protists will be the subjects of your project (bring: sewing needle, embroidery thread, fabric, hoop)
-July 30: Scarf hand knitting (bring 2 skiens of yarn)
-August 6: Fingerless gloves knitting (bring 4.5-5.5 mm double point needles & 100g ball of yarn)
-August 3: Open Stitch night

For more info, email

Niagara CGI (hosted by Atom Dellow): every Thursday, 7-9pm

Step into the future, and print your self at home!
Learn the full process of making a digital sculpture, printing it out with a 3D printer, and reproducing it.
This is meant for an all ages event, pro or curious, and will be an overview of what the future holds. No cost to the public – donations welcome.

For more info, email

Wood Painting (hosted by Kelly McFadden): July 28th and August 11th 6-8pm

Express yourself. Make your own personalized piece of art on a puck of ash wood. Pick up a brush and dive in.

For more info, email

Cellphoneography (Hosted by T Lee Kindy): August 2nd 6-9pm

Cellphoneography is a simple and complelex way of expressing yourself. Come and join us on a tour of beautiful downtown Welland, and we will teach you how to get the most out of your cellphone camera and your simple point-and-shoot camera.

For more info, email

Simple Strobe Lighting (Hosted by Dave Bags): July 27 12-3pm

This is a simple strobe light workshop with basic concepts of studio lighting, demonstrating with a live professional model. We’ll show you how to take great photos with a simple kit consisting of only two lights and a reflector and maybe a few other things. You’ll learn simple methods to place your lights effectively and how light placement dramatically affects your backdrop.   We use practical demonstrations so you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed with technical stats and theories. Space is limited to 5 people. This workshop is open to anyone: lighting experience is not required.  If you’re thinking about buying strobes or Speedlite lighting or just want to see what it’s all about, this seminar is for you. We will have gear on site that you may even want to purchase. 

Bring your camera, although only the instructor will be shooting due to time and space. Bring something to take notes.

Special thanks to Visico for providing the equipment for this workshop.

For more info, email

Drawing Fundamentals (Hosted by Marion Forget): August 1 2-7pm

Basics of line and shading using still life. Learning to give depth with highlight and lowlight.

For more info, email

Children’s Paint Yoga (hosted by Meaghan Mulcair): Sunday July 20th and Sunday August 3rd, between 1-2.

A chance for children to get messy and workout at the same time! All children must :
*Bring clothes they can get paint on
*A change of clothes to leave in
*Towels / supplies to make clean up I easier.
We will be providing baby wipes for the children and parents but that is it for clean up.
This is a great opportunity for children to get moving and be creative while doing so.

For more info, email

Special Events:
July 18th: Grand Opening/BLX art show

Our grand opening night of The Hard Way features the one year anniversary art show of The Black Lantern Experience. The best work of the BLX will be exhibited in celebration of bringing a year of art to the community of Welland.

July 25th: Chad Godt art show “The Aesthetics of Decay”

Visiting from North Carolina, Chad Godt has participated in many sows, events, and projects. His artwork is an eclectic abstract style that emphasizes the “small and unnoticed”. From his artist statement:

“I want my work to be a quiet, contemplative moment of meditation and inspiration
amid the chaos, a chance to reflect on who we are in this life and to dream of our potentials. I am exploring the act of being human.”

August 1: Wordz 3

The return of the popular literary reading event, featuring original poetry and written material from BLX artists. We also encourage the public to come out and read their own material, or even favorite passages from other writers.

August 8: Show Me Your City: Community Photography Show

A very special art show where the community is both the subject and the artist: we are asking the public to bring and submit their own photograph of our community. Show us your own reflection of how and what you see as our community. Whether you are a professional or purely amateur, whether you are using a high-end DSLR or just a cellphone or point-and-shoot, all photographs are welcome. Just print out your 4″ x 6″ unframed photograph of your own portrayal of how you define and see your city, bring it down to the event, and your work will be placed on the display wall along with other photographs to create an impromptu and improvised photo collage that will remain on exhibit.

August 9: Blacktop Records

Blacktop Records Showcase featuring Canyon Carvers, Revive the Rose, and The Smile Case. Doors open at 7:30, donations accepted at door. Sponsored by Blacktop Records and Wellandarium

August 15: Closing Night

The last big night at The Hard Way. The conclusion of this initiative will feature giveaways, artwork, performances, and hopefully a few surprises!

Gallery Hours:
Sundays: 12-5pm, except during the Simple Strobe Lighting workshop
Monday to Friday: Noon-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm

We may be announcing more events and workshops. We are also looking for more donations of art supplies for kids, as well as volunteer help. Thanks again to everyone who’s helped out so far.

We will be releasing details of all these events and workshops on our upcoming Facebook page for The Hard Way.

Thanks again for all your interest and support. Keep sharing!

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