Poem: These Empty Hours


All these empty hours
When I’m not in view
Time not spent on other things
Except my thoughts of you

I spend my time pursuing
All my dreams and plans
Not enough time to do it all
Not enough on my hands

Now there is that breather
When my toil is done
Longing to be not alone
Longing to be with someone

I go back to filling
Up my time with thoughts
Trying not to remember
The pain that I’d forgot

Always moving forward
Often looking back
Keeping above the madding crowd
Staying right on track

But in these times of empty
Lonely hours such as these
The pain that still remains there
Brings me to my knees

Though I can be a strong man
I’m still a scared little boy
All these fears neglected
All sadness replacing joy

There is no need for mask now
Others aren’t in view
Remembering what I once had
When I was once with you

I find something to occupy
My mind from lonely thought
Remember how I got here
This is the fate I sought

©2014 James Takeo

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