Poem: The Nothingness of Night


The nothingness of night
Haunts me from my sleep
No bed made of flowers
Into my pillow, weep
My dreams will not come easy
My slumber is not deep

End of day long over
Darkness on the sky
Rain has passed long ago
The clouds no longer cry
Storm has now passed over
Blackness still up on high

There are no birds singing
No cats wandering in the street
No people are there anywhere
No faces do I greet
All the roads are empty
But the sound of my wandering feet

Somewhere there was something
That I had forgot
Lost it such long time ago
Or had it I did not
Only empty memories
Alone now with my thoughts

Stars not gently twinkling
Moon not shining bright
Alone and silent am I now
Nothing seems to be right
My arms are now so empty
In the nothingness of night

©2014 James Takeo


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