Poem: Midnight Garden Rose Soon Blooms


Midnight garden rose soon blooms
Beneath a cooling nighttime moon
Orange and low hang in the sky
Passing few go riding by
Ducks now bleat in quiet night
Across canal and out of sight
From guerilla garden, a dim skyline
This subtle place, this magic time
Upon a bench that’s golden dark
I sit and smoke in hidden park
Distant voice is heard and fades
Laughter afar, from distant shade
I watch and listen, to nary a sound
As all things grow up from the ground
This quiet hour, halfway to dawn
A distant squeal of gone
Into a night, on other side
In quiet green, I smoke and hide
Beside me bridge, draped in white
Adding silence to late Spring night
Summer will come, that time soon
In hidden park, under mid-June moon

©2014 James Takeo

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