Poem: Guerilla Garden Park


This little spot
Oasis in the gray
Brings me such joy
With each passing day
This little place
Secret but known
It has no name
It is not owned

What once was
Overgrown and brown
A green emerald
In a rust-filled town
Now you are tended
The soil now turned
The grass grows green
The warm sun burns

I put hands in the soil
I put seeds in a row
I put flowers in ground
I watch them all grow
Little sprouts
Leafy green
Colorful petals
Complete the scene

No longer will trash
Invade this place
No longer intended
No overgrown space
We painted the benches
We put up our flag
We cleaned up the clutter
We emptied garbage bag
Now it is neat
Green in dark soil
The fruits of our labour
The joy in our toil

Red robin hops
Across newly-turned ground
Other birds feeding
On seeds on the ground
One little rabbit
Appears in the green
Feeds and then vanishes
Not even seen
Black cat now visits
Quietly pass
Squirrel is searching
For food in long grass

Sun slowly sets
And warms my back
Front is now cool
As sky turns to black
A little pink heart
Dimly lit in the night
By glowing lamp
Dusk defeated in dim light
Every night is tranquil
Every day is anew
With growth and with splendour
And beautiful view
Stars in sky
Green all around
All nature’s splendor
Now without sound

This little place
Where very few go
Now holds this secret
That everyone knows

©2014 James Takeo

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