Poem: Resurrection


Underneath the overgrowth
In every empty lot
Every empty building
That’s been left and forgot
The rust is slowly hidden
The stains all wash away
The weeds and grasses come back
To rule with green over gray
Now that man has left here
Nature shall return
Turning it into something
For what my heart now yearns
We open all the windows
We throw open the doors
We drown out all the forgetfulness
We fill the empty stores
The sidewalks will be busy
The sun will soon shine bright
The endless nothingness we have
Discouraged in the light
A bit of colour will return
Life shall spring anew
The world will slowly open
Hide the ruins from our view
Glorious and silent
Hidden loud from sight
We shall dance out in the daylight
We shall sing into the night
The time of waiting’s over
Resurrection shall now come
Bringing all the life back
To a place that was once done

©2014 James Takeo

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