Poem: When You Wander By Me, It Must Be By Mistake


Tell me that you love me
Then you go away
Ache that burns inside me
But for long it will not stay
Memories will fade
Left back in the past
A feeling that’s forever
That never seems to last
Taking every minute
Stretch it to a mile
So when you’re gone there’s something
That remains all the while
Now you dare not look
As you go right past
Forget it ever happened
Leave it in the past
Replace me and release me
Then leave me in a bed
Of flowers I can’t sleep in
Of dreams that are now dead

I saw you glance at me
You pretended you didn’t see
But I felt you looking
Right through every inch of me
Ignore me when you passed
And leave me behind
Fade into the distance
Forgotten from your mind

Now I’m just somebody
That you used to know
Forget that we were ever close
You’re another that’s let me go
Tonight there’ll be no comfort
My dreams keep me awake
I can’t forget it happened
But I will for my own sake

©2014 James Takeo

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