Poem: Poems Don’t Pay Bills

Acrylic paint and pen and ink
Only solace now
Not that it makes the day brighter
Or my future clearer
Nothing changes
Except perspective

Some winters never end
But I keep on painting and poetry
Hoping it makes a difference
Inspiration is given for free
But the bills don’t get paid

All the hopes created
The eyes opened
The fascination renewed
Can’t pay the rent or buy supplies
Words are just words
Their value is not monetary

It’s cold outside
I can’t afford the heat
I can’t afford the time
Already spent
Its always a struggle
But not worth the hassle

I wanted to do the right thing
To be inspired and create
To inspire others too
Too bad success is spelled with dollar signs
And smiles don’t pay bills

Is it worth it
When your town is divided
Fatalism and pessimism
The official currency
Of despair here
I see more rust today
More decay and empty
Just like my wallet

Is it worth it?

©2014 James Takeo

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