Artists & Neighbourhood-Building

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“If someone says, ‘I want to change the world. Where do I go?’ I answer, ‘Stay right where you are. Don’t run away. Dig in.'” –Pete Seeger

BUAJPt1CMAAvpne Culture-based initiatives have been essential to urban revitalization and urban renewal programs in Canada. The arts ensure a community’s habitat reflects who residents are and how they live.    —Creative City Network of Canada

Any discussion of what we want a city to be must involve the arts; every culture develops some form of art. Philosopher Susan K. Langer has said,

“art is the epitome of human life, the truest record of insight and feeling… the strongest military or economic society without art is poor in comparison with the most primitive tribe of savage painters, dancers or idol-carvers. Wherever a society has really achieved culture… it has begotten art, not late in its career, but at the very inception of it.”  …

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