Poem: The Visionary

The visionary rambles
Through his clouded head
Mouth full of ideas
Confusion comes instead
Talking to whomever
Can be bothered to hear
More often it’s why others leave
Whenever he comes near
“My idea is brilliant
It will save us all!”
Although there is no certain plan
Broken will it fall
Confusion reigns within him
But still he presses on
Takes a little time to think
Before our friendship’s gone
Though you talk to all the people
Listen, do you not
It’s others who carry out the plan
Or have you forgot?
And when there is some trouble
That may come your way
“Sorry but it’s not all my fault”
Excuses rule your day
He is The Visionary
Ideas dwell within he
But with all these visions
It’s what’s before him he can’t see

©2014 James Takeo

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