Poem: Fuck You, I’m Not Better

They tell me
Not to be bothered
Don’t worry about it
They’re just trying to get under your skin
Well, it’s working
I hate to admit
That I’m only human
And that things bother me
I pretend it doesn’t bug me
But it chips away
At the stone

Hard to stay hopeful
With so much hatred
So much pessimism
So little faith
I’m just trying
That gives some hope
That it’s OK
To be human
To feel
To create your own thing
Even bad feelings
In them, there can be strength

The hate mail is daily and anonymous
Shakes foundations
Makes me feel stupid
Accents the nothingness
I go home to every night
Obscures the good
Eclipses all hope

When did this
Get so out of control?

©2014 James Takeo

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