Art is Important in Rose City

The arts play an impor­tant role in the vital­ity of our cities by unit­ing diverse com­mu­ni­ties and fos­ter­ing social well-being. In order to recognize the contributions of artists and creators across all disciplines – including but not restricted to visual art, craft, film, literature and music – in the life of this city, I believe it is essential to enable an environment that allows for a creative vision for the future of the city.

Culture is good business; and it’s big business. More than 800,000 Canadians are full-time tax-paying workers in the arts and cultural industries. Jobs and employment in many creative industries are growing faster than the labor force as a whole and make up 30% of the work force by some estimates. The economic impact of art and design exceeds that of sports worldwide.

As our own small group of artists (BLX) is diverse in our backgrounds, experience and mediums, so should our own community realize that in this stage of transformation from a manufacturing-based economy to an ideas-based economy, we should be open to many new and diverse ideas. There is no one single magic solution for our community’s economic woes, but a need to diversify is necessary. It is hoped that our own community will continue to support the local arts community, so that it may supply energy, creative ideas, and youth to this city.

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