Poem: You’re All the Same, I’m the One Who’s Different

Don’t tell me I’m amazing or inspiring
That opinion might change
Especially after I’ve said this

I’m well-aware
Of the fact that I’m different
That I’m not the same as any of you
I’ve been constantly reminded
By my peers for my whole life
That I don’t look the same
As the rest of the vacant faces
And in my mind
I already know this

They don’t call me Nipper anymore
But that doesn’t make a difference
Where I was once an outcast
Is now what made me true to myself
Whether you like it or not
I show it proudly
Because I’ve learned not to give a shit
To what anyone thinks

Funny how I’m still the same
But what once made me
Stuck in the corner at the high school jock party
Now gets me in newspapers
But that hasn’t changed anything
In my mind

You won’t ever understand
How it was like
Feeling like I wasn’t one of them
Because I was weird
Because I was Asian
Because I was just being me
I stayed true
I didn’t have much else of a choice

At least now I’m doing something
Bigger than me
It’s the right thing to do
And to do it with balls
Fucking right!
At least I get sine satisfaction
To know I might not be alone after all
BLX was named after a Chinese restaurant
That, to me, is amusing
Because we all look the same, right?

I have faith in this community
I just think people are fucked

©2014 James Takeo

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