Poem: Winter Poem (December 2013)


Night and day
Black then gray
All the ground covered in white
Months on end
Short days
Rolling into night

Deep in darkness
My sanctuary
Built like hidden tomb
Full of treasures
None will see
Warm and light in here
But no-one knows it
And enshrouded
From deathly white

Frost and ice
On lips and tears
Alone on a street
No-one to hear
Quiet and cleansing
All that was gray and dirt
Rust hidden beneath gloss
Dust hidden beneath snow
All disappeared
Under the blanket of cold
Until long time from now

There is no spirit in me
No glad tidings
Only preservation
My nest becomes a cabin
In which I grow fever
Long months to go
Long days ahead
Longer nights
Until year’s end
Some mid-winter relief
Numbed by spirits
Believing it’s over
When it’s only begun

Only alone
In solitude
Do I find a flame
Deep within
To attempt to thaw out
My heart and my toes

©2013 James Takeo

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