Poem: One Year and Many Tears Later

My little place
So much invested
Blood, sweat, and tears
Amass my life and stuff
To create hope for others
Only to have my own
Dashed and destroyed

Better that it is at my hands
Then those of others

I cannot express
Without upset
What I no longer have
Tell me how I amaze
Only to feel nothing
At the end of all things
I pulled others from a brink
Yet I stand at an abyss
Almost headlong into it
With none to save me

This palace
I’ve made
Feels like
Cold and empty tomb
Heart that was full
Now hollow

I did this
To empower
To enable
To create
For others
All at risk
Of destroying myself
Only because
I was compensating
For what I had lost
And can never regain

She is gone
They are gone
All is gone
Except me
I feel too much
Hurt too badly
Yet I am not allowed
To express how it feels
Words were my friends
Now they simply fail
Fall short
Now that all I ever know
Keeps going away

The cold outside
Only matches
The temperatures within
Icicles are tears frozen
In this time

What is left?

©2013 James Takeo

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