Poem: Just Another Eyesore


Just another eyesore
Suffer years of neglect
Nothing important done here
No future to expect
Down the walls come tumbling
Simple memories gone
Unceremoniously discarded
No legacy now left on
It was just a building
What was once someone’s home
Now walls and floors contain it
It’s empty and alone
I remember boxed lunches warming
My little hands clutching at my treat
Waiting for a bus with mom
Fingers greasy with with the meat
Eating there in teenage years
Waiting for a dance
Drinking up the fountain pop
Hoping for romance
But now there are just empty seats
No customer orders wait
The till had closed up long ago
And now it meets its fate
It was just an eyesore
It didn’t mean a lot
And in hours, all will be gone
And in time, all forgot

©2013 James Takeo

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