Poem: Saudade


What once was
Can now no longer be
Everything that has been
Everything that could be
Now is no more

The little things
All missed
Not forgotten
The simplicity
Tender and gentle

The hip that curves
The smell of hair
The softness of touch
Look into those eyes
See into a soul
No more

Words and promises
Faith and trust
Beneath the stars
Hold your hands
In mine
No more

No more colour
No more magic
No more music
No more fireworks
No more beauty
No more

I long
Once again
It changes nothing
World gone gray
Sky gone black
Music swell
Roll credits
Screen fades to black
But the memory remains
Painful and cold

No matter how much
I try to erase
Move forward
And forget
I cannot
Holds me fast
Stops all time
Now there is only
Dust that floats
Through the rays of light
In empty room
Just this memory
Joyful and painful
All that remains

These words
All fail
How much I miss
What once was
What I had
Spent all this time
Trying to compensate
For loss
That I cannot regain

I sigh
No more words
Hit the button
Send the command
The poem gets published
In the morning
Long after
I am gone

©2013 James Takeo

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