Poem: Tragedy on Bridge 13


The red lights glimmer
On the wet asphalt
Curious to see
What lies beyond
The yellow police tape

Onlookers hushed tones
Relay the tragedy
Hearsay what unfolded
Just down the street
Emergency personnel
Tried, but in vain
Traumatized for a lifetime
Helplessly they watched him fall
Powerless to stop it
Worst part is
They had convinced him to come down
From dizzying height
Only to fall
Before their eyes

Tarp in the middle of the street
Vague shape
Of what was once a man
Now a memory
I shudder and am uneasy
As downtown watches
Like vultures

Words cannot express
The sadness
That those that knew him
Must feel now

Perhaps always

Days later
Towers loom
I see the rust
I see the age
I see the tragic trophy
How many lost here?

This bridge
No longer is a symbol
Of pride and legacy
It is a grave marker
It is ruined
I cannot bear
To even look at it

©2013 James Takeo

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