Poem: Boys Don’t Cry


Every time I shed a tear
I fear
The mask slips
I’m naked

Act like a man
Hide that sadness
Put on that brave face
Pretend you don’t care
While your heart breaks
While your head spins
Just be tough
And you’ll be fine

Try to be better
Be strong
Others are counting on you
To show them
To help
Don’t let them see you
Like this
They’ll prey upon your weakness
That you’ve tried
To hide

Another day
It gets better
Everything will be OK
Things will work out
For all of you

These times
Always familiar
All I know
All I’ve got
All there is left
That I ignore
Chasing rainbows

I only do it
So that others
Can feel strong
Can feel able
Can feel something

I’m not numb
I just wish I were

©2013 James Takeo

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