Poem: All My Heroes are Dead and Tragic


All my heroes are dead and tragic
No longer grace us with their magic
To have done the things that they once had
Not near enough, and yet so sad
To not know the things that might have been
They understood what I have seen
Before me now they have all gone
Only legacy left to continue on
In our hearts and in our heads
Pay tribute to our worthy dead
As they are now, so shall I be
What awaits, I shall yet see
To find the glory that they had found
And now they utter not a single sound
Except that of which we shall remember
As we go into our Decembers
Great and glorious in their pain
And never to grace this world again
And at such loss would we all shudder
And know that yet there shall be none other
And that I were to become once again
So shall I live my life through them
And once when all is gone and done
And my time comes for the setting sun
That I should be so noble and true
For this is what I wish to do

©2010 James Takeo

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