Poem: Temporary


I’m only temporary
I serve this purpose
For the time being
At least
I’m useful

I’ve gotten used to
Being amusement
I’m the distraction
Not the other way round

Do I make you feel good today?
Are you feeling worthwhile?
Loved and attractive?
Now that you’re feeling better
Make a run for it
The minute
My back is turned

I’m sure you’ll justify
The reasons
You’re gone
More than likely
You’ll say things like
“It’s not you, it’s me”
And you’ll be correct
Or you can tell
Of my faults
Or bash my name
It doesn’t matter
You’ve won
Sleep easy

I’ll awaken
To the terror
Of an unfamiliar ceiling
In a soft bed
With someone
Who will sing my praises
Until the fascination
Wears off
That this isn’t what they wanted
Offer apologies
Then drift away

They all go away
I grasp the moment
Let it linger
As long as I can

The few moments alone
That we spent
May have been fleeting
Yet every one of them
Was an eternity
For me

©2013 James Takeo

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