Poem: Every Time I Am Unsure


What great rewards await us
But only if we take
A chance in which to dream on
Destiny that’s ours to make?
Would we rather question
What we are to do
In this time of uncertainty
Do our hearts stay true?
I will not have a worry
Though I may have my fear
Keep staying true to this course
Our future remains clear
How far we are and we have come
Bigger than anticipated
This could be that only chance
For all our lives we’ve waited
Do we foresee a ruinous end
Or happily ever after
Do our days together end in tears
Or shall they ring with laughter?
All these things, I question now
After seeing where I’m from
I worry not what lies ahead
But rejoice in where I’ve come
If this may fail, then so it shall
The world shall keep on turning
I can go on, as I have before
That’s what I’m always learning

©2013 James Takeo

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