Poem: The Veil is Now the Thinnest


The veil is now the thinnest
The curtains are pulled back
No longer is there division
Between the light and black
The ghosts that come before us
Return to us now once more
In every dark shadow
Creaking across the floor
Down every quiet street
In each tombstone dwell
Summoned back to this world
Each with a tale to tell
None are now forgotten
Dead and now unknown
Linger for an evening
In what was once their home
On silent October evening
In a city full of ghosts
Pay tribute to those before us
We are guests to spirit hosts
Once again the world is theirs
If only for a night
They find a solace in what they knew
Before fading with the light
I fear not of these spirits
These guests from days gone past
Although things come as they may go
Some things remain to last

©2013  James Takeo

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