Poem: A City Full of Secrets

A city full of secrets
That in the shadows dwell
Stories that remain untold
Tales we cannot tell
Promises of futures
The dreams that come at night
Words spoken in darkness
Promises at twilight
All our greatest hopes
That we wish upon
Giving us the faith we need
For us to carry on
In our secret lairs
Do we wait and plan
Scheming of the future
To do the best we can
There is a hostile takeover
Where rails and water meet
Colours in the nighttime
Laughter in the street
Unafraid of our creations
In each other, faith and trust
That there is light in darkness
In a town that’s gone to rust
Where there is a darkness
There is also a light
In a city full of secrets
On a cold October night

©2013 James Takeo

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