Poem: It’s All in the Past


All the things that could’ve been
The things that yet may be
Further from the past I go
And leave to memory
Smiling happy pictures
Things I won’t regret
Burned into my heart’s memory
So that I will not forget
Wondering where you are now
If you’re doing fine
Where have all my friends gone
Fading away with time
So much have I done
So much more to do
Lingering doubt inside me
But that is nothing new
Keep pretending that it matters
Strongly do I smile
Acting like I’m better
While I’m crying all the while
I grabbed the flag and led the charge
And left it all behind
To make myself a better man
And leave everything behind
Now I’m better for it
And noticed for my deeds
Wearing a mask of confidence
While ignoring all my needs
Soon I grow more older
And what is it I’ve done
Made the world a better place
Tried for everyone
At night, alone and tired
I’m just another man
Nothing special inside me
No hidden master plan
All the lonely places
Even in front of the crowd
My heart still cries inside me
As I’m laughing on the outside loud
Tell me I’m amazing
That I’ve inspired you
Watch me as I smile and wave
As I walk away from you

©2013 James Takeo

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