Poem: The Error of my Ways


I’m sorry
I wasn’t strong
Or brave enough
Spend my whole life
Of everything
Even myself

All was going
So well
Then I fell
And couldn’t get up again
Couldn’t ask for help
I was supposed to do this
On my own

Doubt in myself
What you view as self-pity
Is actually
Real to me

I can question
Where I went wrong
What I should’ve done
But it does not matter
It’s already done
Others can forgive me
I cannot forgive

Just like a little boy
Like it’s always been
Just me
Just me
And no one else
The last to get picked
The one who was different
The weirdo
The outsider
The one in the corner

Now this shadow
That grows darker
Over my heart
Over my soul
Over everything
No brightness
Only darkness
That is always there

In this world
Are we born alone
Thus shall we
Also leave it

©2013 James Takeo

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