Poem: Lux In Tenebris


There is a light in darkness
That never does shine out
It sits within the empty
And hides within the doubt
When all hope has fallen
And dreams have turned to dust
There still remains an anger
A rage in my own trust
Something deep within me
Fuels a burning fire
And though it seems extinguished
The flames will yet burn higher
All my doubt surrounds me
Companioned with my worry
Strength there is in darkness
Turns into a fury
Into a night I go not gently
Into anger I look back
No miles to go before I sleep
For I am still on track
I’d rather fuck a canvas up
Or write some darkened words
Then put up with more of this crap
And bullshit that I’ve heard
When everything that I knew
Suddenly was gone
In this I found the strength
And the will to carry on
I’d rather feel this darkness
Than nothing at all
Gives me all the strength I need
Even as I fall

©2013 James Takeo

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