Poem: Numb


All of the light
Only blinds me
From seeing
What fatal flaws
Make me

This emptiness
Sometimes filled
Often distracted
One day
It too must end

I long to be numb
To forget
No constants exist
Everything changes
Even me

How deep this pit
This hole
That I cannot fill
Build a bridge over it
Leap of faith
Though I may succeed
The hole is still there
To swallow me up

In the gutter
Or in top of the ladder
It is still the same

I see these things
Feel them
Make them real
I am just as flawed
As you all
Only difference
Is that I can admit it

I long to be numb
I never can be

Sex and death
The only things
In my life
That ever made me truly feel
By making me numb

©2013 James Takeo

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