Poem: My Brave Face


Every day, another face
Not dishonest
Just keeping up appearances

Which am I
In front
Something, somebody
Just to feel real

I’ve got this
It’s all good
Nothing to see here
Please move along
Or join in the fun
I’m smiling and waving
Happiest times of my life
While the suffering in silence
Only happens

The artists have purpose
And hope
The children will have fun
And freedom
Others become inspired
They can do it too
So much can happen here

Bright future awaits us
We will prevail
Nothing can stop us
Without me

Warm October day
Sun shines
Birds sing
Trees are colors
Everything is beautiful
As I curl under a blanket
In a dim room
Far from prying eyes
No judgment here
Just tears and fears
That never leave

I put on my brave face
Before I go outside
I’ve fooled most of them
Just not myself

©2013 James Takeo

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