Poem: It is a Glowing Darkness


It is a glowing darkness
Whatever the fuck that means
Light that shines so brilliant
In this unoriginal city scene
Do I find hope within myself
And strength to carry on
To be the best that I can be
For others to shit upon?
Is this the greatness foretold
Upon which has been thrust
My weary shoulders’ burden
And screwing with my trust?
I’m trying not to be an asshole
Just to get through every day
Making myself better
While douchebags get in the way
I know I’ve got my haters
They used to love me once
I had put all my faith in them
And now they act like cunts
I hear some sing my praises
While others keep talking shit
I’m just trying to be better
And dealing with all of it
I’m rough around the edges
Yet brilliantly defined
Not a shit do I give
Of how I may seem in your mind
I might be a bad guy
I might be just as good
Truth is: I don’t give a fuck
I’m just doing what I could

©2013 James Takeo

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