Poem: In This Time Now Do I Grow Quiet


I’m not amazing
Not that special
No more
Than anyone else

Don’t tell me that
I do so much
With so little
So long
Now a lot
With nothing
Just like others

Look up at me
Look down your nose
I’m still the same
One and little
No superpowers
Just fortitude and ambition
Now makes me arrogant
And scared
Like every single day

I hide it well
Behinds words and pictures
Social media
Local celebrity
Do it for the nobler causes
Do it for others
Do it at my expense
Do it
To do something
I’m less empty
But I’m no more full

I grow closer
Waiting for it to end
Come crashing down
Fuck up royally
Beautiful disaster
Burn bright and short
Imploded and forgotten

This is the last time
I swear
All in
Or nothing
Destined for greatness
Glorious victory
Or death
In a rusty beautiful town
All I’ve known
All my home
All alone

New hope
In her eyes
Don’t let them
Stare angrily at me
Not this time
I’m trying to forget
Don’t get lost

The room
Long and quiet
Like me

©2013 James Takeo

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