Poem: As She Sleeps


As she sleeps
Upon my couch
Surrounded by art
Sketchbook beside her
Pencils down
Lost in slumber
Curled beneath
My favorite old blanket
It gave me security
Now it wraps her
Enveloped in sleep

Soft breath
Rising and falling
Those beautiful gems
That now lie hidden
Behind closed eyelids
The lock of hair
That falls, gently
Across her brow
Hiding this treasure
That I seek

Not a sound
Escapes her lips
The soft cheek
That rests on the pillow
Graces it
Her dreams
That now dwell there
That I long to be in

Somewhere in comfort
Does she now escape to
Soft hand
That now brushes the hair away
I see her eyelids
Gently awaken
As she returns

©James Takeo

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