Poem: Truth and Beauty in What We Seek


We have untamed the beasts
And broke open the gates
Like floods
Moving forward
Pushing on

I have let loose
The hounds
That lie within me
And others
They howl and bark
Gnashing teeth
Growling voices
Fast and strong
Like hunters
Seeking out
And pounce upon their prey
Sharp teeth that bite
Destroy and devour
To make new

As we burn from heaven
Upon golden steeds
With swords in our hands
Upon the canvas, we make the world
In our own image
Bursting forth
With explosion
Descend upon the vanquished
To bring hope
To bring color to the darkness
To bring flame to the damp
To bring conquest with our vow
For our noble quest
For our dream now living
In this we cannot be defeated
Nor surrender

For our art!

©2013 James Takeo


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