The Black Lantern Experience: Hostile Takeover

The Black Lantern Experience is an art show featuring the creative work of a group of independent artists based in Welland, but not limited to the confines of its borders. This city collectively unites a group of artists putting forth an effort to create cultural change through artistic influence on our community by working in a variety of alternative artistic forms, mediums, and subjects. We seek to encourage one another in our artistic pursuits, and establish a place for ourselves within the local arts community.

We are presenting another art show featuring the artwork of local independent artists.  Our show’s theme, reflect the title, “Hostile Takeover”.

Flyer photography by T. Lee Kindy

This art show will feature the work of the following artists:

T. Lee Kindy
Lee is a local photographer and artist doing photography for over 30 years, but only doing digital photography for the last 3. Lee loves all styles of photography, but his passion lies in the field of conceptual photography, where he can pull something from his imagination and bring it to life. Lee gets his images from film and his imagination and likes to push the boundaries. Never one to turn down a photograph challenge, he has been working on combining different photographic and digital medium.Lee is also doing a pet project called Zombie Pinup, where beautiful women are turned into deadly zombies.
Dave Bags
Born and raised in Niagara, Dave has always been involved with the photographic arts. Intense lighting, unique locations and awkward subjects are what you can expect. Having been schooled in film and video Dave has been creating the interesting video content for the Black Lantern Television Experience shown on To see more of his work visit
Chris Lagesten
Chris has been a urban artist in the underground art scene for 20 years. From street level art and hanging out in train yards, to being apart of the team that helped build one of Canada’s top hip hop/graffiti festivals, Chris has had his hands in all of it. Chris is on the executive board for ArtFest Welland and has been the driving force in bringing urban art to the mainstream public eye. Chris is also founder and editor-in-chief of Always Fresh Magazine, an online magazine and blog about all things related to urban art and culture. Last year, Chris won the City Of Welland Arts & Culture Award for Visual and Media Art.

Michael Swords
Bad boy heavy metal vocalist Michael has been tinkering in the garage since boyhood. Turning anything he could get his hands on into a piece of art, making almost anything into a canvas.  This junk yard freak-of-nature wants to make it all look different. Nothing can be normal,abstract from extract,junk and hot rod art, comin’ at ya…
Shane Horwat
Shane is an amazing freehand tattoo artist, preferring to take on darker subject matters, but is also very adept at colourful pieces of art. Shane has been tattooing in Niagara for several years, but is now turning his attention to other artistic mediums, and decided to make Welland the place where he can work on such creative projects. Shane has also donated his a time and talents to such charities as Epilepsy Niagara, and Autism Ontario.
Craig HotRod
Born and raised in Welland, Craig does black-and-white photography of still life subjects such as vehicles and buildings from interesting angles and perspectives. With a half-decade of photography under his belt, Craig is expanding his horizons and beginning to exhibit his work, showcasing odd and edgy images, reflecting the style he uses.

Roxanne Nero
Born and raised in Welland, Roxanne has just recently found a passion for photography, not just for photos of family and friends but for Urban photography and the history behind the abandoned buildings she visits.
Atom J Dellow
Born in Welland, but raised on the internet, Atom is a digital artist, not only copying reality, but altering it and shaping his own. His recent art portrays how Welland stands up to a broader scope of things, and how it can be communicated through digital medium.
 Joel Weldon
Joel Weldon is a FORMER graffiti artist and a born again Christian. He is from Fort Erie and pulls his inspiration from sayings in The Bible that build people up and provide positive change.
Meghan Mulcair
Meaghan Mulcair is an accomplished photographer and abstract artist. She has perfected her artistic abilities over the years with the help of her father and professional photographer Peter Mulcair. Meaghan is excited to continue her passion through arts and truly evoke emotion through upcoming pieces in the Black Lantern Experience art show.
Born in Hungary, Baxo has always shown signs of creativity and ingenuity. He has never followed any crowds, and always strives to be unique. His art on aluminum reflects that. When you move, the art comes to life as it appears to move with you. A style so unique that it deserves its own name: Aluminism.
James Takeo
Born in Japan, James has been a tattoo artist for a number of years, both here in Niagara as well as in western Canada. With an art school background, James has been a screen printer for many years also, and spends much time drawing and painting, writing poetry, and is also a lover of local history, which is the subject of many of his blogs. Recently, James decided to create his own private art studio for all his creative projects in Welland, and is encouraging more “local art on local walls” by offering his own space for this art show for the evening.

The Black Lantern Experience will be held on the evening of Saturday, September 21st, starting at 8PM.

The location of the show is 75 West Main Street in Welland.

Due to the nature and subject matter used in some of the artwork on display, this will be a 19+ show. Viewer discretion is advised.

For further info, please contact

Don’t forget to check out!

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