The Black Lantern Experience “Movement”

These days, I’ve heard BLX being referred to by others as a “movement”. I pondered why others say this, and have come to the conclusion that if this indeed a movement, then it is a movement to bring art to the people; art that is honest, expressive, and without boundaries.

Somewhere in this “movement”, there are expressions of the underlying pride we have in our community. Though we may appear critical, that is fuelled by the fierce sense of pride that is instilled into each and every one of us in our hometown, and a desire to see ourselves become better people creating a better sense of community.

There are those that, as I do, see what we think may be wrong, but strive to make it right. Criticism leads to divisionism, and, for one, am sick and tired of it. I find more and more that think and feel this way, seeing it leads us nowhere. I strive to not see what makes us different, but instead focus on what makes us the same.

Out the front door of this art space, I clearly see Main Street Bridge, a bridge that has stood as a symbol of our community, and represents much of heritage and legacy. I see a bridge that, though worn and rusted and no longer in use as it was, still remains standing. It is defiant against the elements that have weathered it, strong against time that has passed it, and stands tall against much that has been before that is now gone. It is not only a landmark of this community, it is a metaphor of it.

This is not a bridge that divides us, it is a bridge that unites us. Though it may be old and rusted in some spots, I see the beauty in it that exists now, and a brighter vision of it in the future. As an artist, it is a beautiful symbol of why I choose to be here, and why this is my home.



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