The Black Lantern Experience – Manifesto


The Black Lantern Experience – Manifesto

Do Art

  • paint
  • draw
  • photograph
  • use Photoshop
  • plan
  • write
  • compose
  • sing
  • dance
  • act
  • film and videorecord
  • tattoo
  • play a musical instrument

Be Cool

  •  Be better-not bitter
  • help out your neighbours, especially the less-fortunate
  • do a random act of kindness daily
  • share your knowledge: knowledge is power, but only when it is shared
  • don’t just take, but give also
  • be excellent to each other

Have Fun

  • laugh
  • smile
  • play
  • challenge yourself daily
  • grow
  • learn

And above all

Keep Calm
Paint Shit


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